With more than a decade of climbing experience in the Lammermuirs, we have been able to create routes which best reflect their magnificent and varied character, using a combination of established paths and unmarked routes.

Our walks offer a breathtaking sense of space and isolation, in this vast rolling massif, and reveal a hidden landscape with a remarkable natural and human story to tell.

Millennia of human occupation have shaped the hills in subtle and fascinating ways, and the moorland plateaux, lochs and valleys are a haven for wildlife. Once the haunt of the prehistoric Votadini tribe, who famously left behind the Traprain treasure, now in the National Museum of Scotland, and more recently crossed by drove roads used for centuries to transport livestock from the lowlands and salted fish from the coast, the Lammermuirs are imprinted with a rich human history.

Our routes pass these prehistoric forts and drove roads, and allow a vivid appreciation of today's grouse moors, with their buzzards, game and mountain hares - against a spectacular backdrop over East Lothian and the Firth of Forth, and across the Borders to the Cheviots.

Please note : participants will need hillwalking gear appropriate to the time of year and conditions. A level of fitness suitable for the route chosen is required. Walkers are also requested to bring water and a snack.





1. Harestone Hill and Hopes Reservoir loop (half day)

An ascent of Harestone Hill (504m), with amazing vistas across East Lothian and the Firth of Forth, which descends via Peat Law for a picturesque circuit of woodland-fringed Hopes Reservoir.

(Height climbed 404m / 1325ft ; distance 10.5 km / 6.5 miles.)

2. Lammer Law via Hopes Reservoir (half day)

An idyllic walk along Hopes Reservoir (north bank), ascending via Sting Bank Valley to reach Lammer Law (527m), for spectacular views across East Lothian, Firth of Forth, the Pentland Hills and Scottish Borders.

(Height climbed 360m / 1181ft ; distance 10.5 km / 6.5 miles.)

3. Harestone Hill to Lammer Law via Hopes Reservoir (full day)

A climb to Harestone Hill (504m) and loop to Peat Law, for dramatic views of East Lothian and the Firth of Forth, descending to Hopes Reservoir (south bank) to access Sting Bank Valley for an ascent of Lammer Law (527m). Vistas across the Pentland Hills and Scottish Borders, returning via Hopes Reservoir (north bank).

(Height climbed 591m / 1942ft ; distance 15 km / 9.3 miles.)

4. Lammer Law north face via Lammerloch Reservoir (half day)

An ascent of Lammer Law's attractive north face from Kidlaw, via Lammerloch Reservoir and Lute Law, passing the headwaters of Cowie Burn, before descending Harehope Hill through the beautiful Easter Burn valley.

(Height climbed 307m / 1007ft ; distance 8 km / 5 miles.)

5. Watch Water Reservoir to Twin Law (half day)

A gentle stroll around Watch Water Reservoir (Longformacus) (north bank) to Scarlaw, along the Southern Upland Way for a brisk ascent to Twin Law (447m), with spectacular views across the Scottish Borders towards the Cheviots.

(Height climbed 277m / 909ft ; distance 10 km / 6.2 miles.)


6. Twin Law via Kilpallet and Trottingshaw (full day)

Starting near Kilpallet, in the heart of the Lammermuirs, this walk crosses the shoulder of Lamb Hill to reach Trottingshaw, before flanking Scar Law and joining the Southern Upland Way for an ascent of Twin Law (447m). Superb vistas across the Scottish Borders towards the Cheviot Hills.

(Height climbed 652m / 2139ft ; distance 19 km / 11.8 miles.)

7. Whiteadder Reservoir loop via Spartleton Edge and Priestlaw Hill (half day)


A circular route around picturesque Whiteadder Reservoir, starting at Summer Hill for a gentle ascent via Gamelshiel onto the summit of Spartleton (468m), before dropping to Whiteadder dam via Bothwell Hill. We climb via Friar's Nose to Priestlaw Hill (428m), before descending for an easy walk around the scenic shores of Whiteadder, and return via Penshiel.

(Height climbed 490m / 1607ft ; distance 10.5 km / 6.5 miles.)

8. Stoneypath loop via Johnscleugh and White Castle (full day)

Stunning views of East Lothian and the mouth of the Forth estuary on the climb from Stoneypath to Clints Dod, before skirting the edge of Crystal Rig wind farm for a descent into the Whiteadder Water valley at Johnscleuch. Our walk climbs Bleak Law (411m) before crossing the summit of Rangely Kip, then descends to dramatically-sited White Castle prehistoric fort and returns via Mid Hill.

(Height climbed 501m / 1644ft ; distance 14 km / 8.7 miles.)


9. Meikle Says Law via Harestone Hill (full day)

Remarkable views of East Lothian from Harestone Hill (504m), before heading across the Lammermuir plateau for its highest point at Meikle Says Law (535m), on the edge of Fallago wind farm. We return to Harestone Hill then descend to loop around scenic Hopes Reservoir.

(Height climbed 529m / 1736ft ; distance 13.5 km / 8.4 miles.)

10. Prehistoric forts (full day)

Specialist day out ascending Hare Law (398m) to view the remains of a prehistoric settlement and fort, before dropping to West Hopes. Our route then climbs Harestone Hill (504m) and crosses East Rig, to reach the hill fort at Rushy Cleugh (400m), then continues to Dod Law fort, returning via picturesque Hopes Water valley.

(Height climbed 564m / 1,850 ft ; distance 12.5 km / 7.8 miles.)

NOTE : We also offer easier walks avoiding the higher summits, if requested, and if there is a particular hill or feature outside these areas which interests you, please let us know.